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My name is Elvann. I'm a classicaly trained singer and a harpist, along being a complete geek and a gamer! What I do mostly is streaming music on Twitch . I do live performance, composition & recording, and I also sometimes play games (ARK + Overwatch). My main influences are Nightwish, Epica & Within Temptation. You can join me LIVE here:  My Twitch Channel

If you're a little curious about hearing what I do, you can always stalk me on  My Soundcloud or on  My Youtube Channel ! Here's also a few other places where you can find me:

  • My Twitter - So the birds tell you when I go live!
  • My Patreon - In case you would like to help me out pursuing my dreams! :)
  • My Instagram - To get obnouxious harp pictures in your feed!
  • My Deviantart - You didn't know it yet, but yes, I do digital painting!
  • My Facebook - Well, since everybody has it, why not?

If you're already following me on every social medias, well... your stalker title is well earned, if not, it's time for you to become a proud one! 😂

Location: Montreal, CA
Passions: Harp, Singing, Songwriting, Piano, Recording, Web Design, Teaching

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Me and chat hanging out today! GoT Join us live on Twitch #harp #twitch #twitchcreative #fun #voice #geek #opera #got #composition

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HARP COOKIE! NOM NOM! I don't know how spread out that is in the harpist world, but that's how I call that part of the case XD #harpist #harp #practicalharpist #montreal #salviharps #salvi

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Goth Look Activated for tonight! I will be performing vocals with Wishmaster, Tribute band to Nightwish! Hope to see some of your faces, and for those of you abroad, I will be streaming the whole performance LIVE on Twitch at 11:50 PM EST (link in bio)! #voice #tarja #wishmaster #tribute #band #metal #symphonice #music #show #montreal #nightwish @nightwish @twitchcreative

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