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I assume if you're here, you already know that I play the harp (you also might have noticed from the home page picture) So let's try to go a little more in depth about it!

IRL name: I don't like it enough to openely share it
Lives in: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Timezone: EST
Favourite Meal: Sushi, Nachos, Pancakes
Native Language: French
Speaks also: English, German, Spanish, Japanese (some of them I only know basics)
Instruments: Voice, Harp, Piano + I do not play violin.
Personnality: Creative, Passionate, Random, Naive, Ambitious, Self-Learner.
Can't stand: Defect Hardware, Dehumidifyer in my monitoring
Favourite Colour: Ultra-violet, and then Turquoise.
Favourite Book: Northern Lights Trilogy
When I decided to start the harp, I was already a music student in classical singing in Cegep, I was about 19-ish. I had to choose a second instrument to study, and as I already had piano basics, I wanted to try something a little different. I had this friend living in the same town as I who played the harp, and I thought it was pretty cool. Hence I started lessons, and I fell in deep love with the harp, but it only lasted 2-3 months (this was in 2012, we had a huge student strike, so I wan't even able to complete my session. I went on with my singing studies without thinking much about it as it wasn't really an option for me to ever get a harp of my own.

A few years later, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, and for months on-going I wasn't able to sing anymore. This made me rethink my career choices, as it became really obvious I couldn't make it as a singer if I was going to be so deeply affected by my personnal life. I thought again about the harp, and I decided to rent one to see if that could be an option for me. The harp was speaking to me in a way that singing couldn't ever do. I auditionned for the harp program and since there are not a lot of harp students, I was lucky that I got accepted in. I finished my bachelor degree in music as a harpist, and kept singing. Since then, my goal is to accompany myself on the harp in my own projects as well as in various events.
  • Salvi Arion SG 47 (Harpe à pédales) Parfaites pour une ambiance sophistiquée et pour la musique classique. très grande versatilité pour le répertoire, et offre définitivement un cachet fantaisiste à un évènement!

  • Lyon & Healy Silhouette (Electrique /Celtique) Offre la possibilité d'explorer des sonorités tout à fait contemporaines & inusitées! Offre un répertoire plus restreint, mais offre des possibilités aussi plus lounge / jazz.