SShhhh! Dont tell anyone!

But my website is currently in construction!

Though, I've included a short introduction in case you would like to know a little bit more about me, and as to satisy your curiosity, here's a list of features I would like to include here:

  • A blog - where I can share whatever comes through my mind, might it be music advice, stream advice etc. Like any good blog I would like us to have a comment section so you can react to the posts and share your thoughts too
  • Log In - Access to the site using the Twitch API, so you can actually surf the website using your Twitch account!
  • V.I.P. Access to Patreons & -future- Subs (We will get there!). This section would have exclusive music downloads, promo codes and early access material :)
  • A Download Section for everyone to enjoy! I'd like to include some of the sheet music and records that I do, as well as resources and possibly tutorials! We'll see!
  • Music Learning Resources - a special section reserved for musical resources, with maybe video courses and learning oriented content!

Ohhh, and in case you didn't know, I'm coding pretty much everything by hand by myself. With powers come responsabilities, and when you're doing it the hard way, it usually takes a little bit more time also, but we'll get there bit by bit! (no pun intended 😂)


Hey there! 😂 ❤

My name is Elvann. I'm a classicaly trained singer and a harpist, along being a complete geek and a gamer! What I do mostly is streaming music on Twitch . I do live performance, composition & recording, and I also sometimes play games (ARK + Overwatch). My main influences are Nightwish, Epica & Within Temptation. You can join me LIVE here:  My Twitch Channel

If you're a little curious about hearing what I do, you can always stalk me on  My Soundcloud or on  My Youtube Channel ! Here's also a few other places where you can find me:

If you're already following me on every social medias, well... your salker title is well earned, if not, it's time for you to become a proud one! 😂