Consistency is Overrated

All my life I’ve been running from idea to idea, each of which I would fail to bring to reality, leaving me with a growing feeling of emptiness .   Too many ideas, so little time.  I’ve wondered for a long time about why I seem to be incapable of staying consistent with any of the projects […]

Harmony 101: Chord Color & Doubling

In this article, we’re going to dive a bit deeper into chords and how they sound, and how that impacts notes we can double or suppress in 4-part harmony writing. As we already know, in 4-part harmony, we are working with 4 voices: soprano, alto, tenor and bass.  Though, to match the number of voices, we […]

Harmony 101: Basic Rules of Harmony

Introduction There are really not rules of art, but there certainly are principles you can learn to help build an understanding of what has been done and what we took away from composers before us so you can build on top of it, or ultimately go a complete other route.With that said, harmony is a […]

Basic Music Theory Exam

Here’s the most basic music theory material I consider to be the very basic music theory knowledge. In fact, most of those concepts should be familiar, but I believe they are truly only the basic vocabulary of music on top of which the study of counterpoint and harmony will be the grammar. Knowing the words […]