DAY 5: The Beast

You turn and look into the Best’s eyes, free of fear, and whisper the word “rose”.  The beast looks back at you with eyes like ones of a human, and you know now there is nothing to fear.


Why don’t you give in to the cravings you have
The dreams we all hide were there all of this time
It seems like you want to play over the line
Take over my lair, making use of your mind

You are the beast, you are hungry for life
While I should be scared I still cannot deny
That I want to test what’s way over the line
The howl of the beast escaping my sigh

When you are there
no I’m not scared

I secretly wish all your words were lies
There’s no harm in wanting all my delights
As long as we know where we’re drawing the line
Come ravish the rose hiding behind my vines

The beast is unleashed and is hunting its pray
I ran far away ’cause I wanted to play
I live for the hunger you dare to display
Come untie my vines, I invite you to slay

When you a there
no I’m not scared

Take my rose, let it be your downfall
Feed on me,  live in your story

Watch me holding my breath
As I look in your eyes
Allowing the beast
To take away what’s mine

And as I close my eyes
Let down all of my guards
I finally share
What’s been holding my mind

Wished you knew to read ‘between the lines
I led you astray but now it’s time to pay
You wanted to see what’s way beyond the line
I wanted to play, wanted to run away

No I’m not scared
Take my rose
Let it be your downfall
Let it be your downfall
Take my rose—-
Let it be your downfall
Take my love
Let it be my downfall
My downfall


Lyrics & music by Elvann, with arrangements in collaboration with Scott Sereboff

Guitars recorded by Alexis Woodberry
Sound, mixing & mastering by Francis Gagné at Progressive Acoustics

Special thanks to Scott Sereboff for your musical ideas, friendship, and for the countless hours of back’n forth that went into creating this music.  Your contribution to this project has had much more impact than I can write in a single credit line.  Without you, these songs might have never seen the light of day.