Episode 1: Steal the Uni Curriculum

In today’s episode, I’ll be sharing with you  a blueprint you can use to create your own music curriculum.  One of the biggest obstacles  that come with skipping formal education is the absence of some higher level guide to tell you what’s next.  I created this 3 years music curriculum based on my experience of the knowledge I’ve found helpful in my professional career *actually* doing music
Please feel free to change it and make it your own.  Change it, break it, add to it.  There isn’t a single way to get there, but I hope this gives you a sort of a starting point.  The years are not to be taken seriously.
Music Theory Dot Net
Great for practicing basic music theory like scales, intervals and chords, but also great for learning how to read music and for solo ear training!
Elementary Rudiments of Music – Barbara Warrham
The music theory book I went through when I first started.   This book is quite hard and ruthless: you might need the solution book, or taking some private music lessons for a teacher to correct it and give you explanations in order to get the most out it.  I recommend skipping all of the exercises written with the C clef.
Basic Music Theory Class on Udemy:
Sight Reading Exercises by Schäfer
Free open source music notation software that offers playback!  Great for practicing, writing and creating your own sheet music.   This is the best music notation software available out there in my opinion.
Guitar Pro
Music notation software widely used for transcribing guitar and bass tabs.
Ultimate Guitar
Online community-based resources for chord sheets.
Harmony & Voice-Leading by Edward Aldwell
This is the book I use for teaching advanced theory such as counterpoint and 4-part harmony.  This is very heavy material, but this is where things really get interesting ad the work you’ve put into the basics really pays off.  This book offers a full curriculum for advanced music studies.
Creative Orchestration 2 by George Frederick McKay
A book dedicated to the study of orchestration

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