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"Enchanting and beautiful. Elvann has a wonderful voice that immediately transports me into a world of magic and wonder."


My name is Elvann and I’m a singer, harpist & songwriter.  Three years ago, I moved away from Montreal, my hometown, to come live and pursue music in the beautiful country of Finland.
My solo music is a blend of acoustic & metal music featuring operatic vocals & my electric harps.  This project is made possible with the support of my lovely community, which I am so thankful for.
As a professional, I’ve been working in metal for quite some time doing session vocals and collaborating with bands and fantastic artists from all over the world.   I’m also a very passionate singing & music teacher, and I’m grateful for having such wonderful students in my studio!

Latest Music

Through the Mirror

🪞 Mirror mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? Through the Mirror is my first full band original metal release.

If I Was Right

First track I recorded guitars for, mixed and mastered myself.  A huge accomplishement.

Siren's Call

🧜‍♀️The journey starts here, with the powerful call of a siren…⚓️

Prison Glass

My new electro-acoustic harp improvisation album is now out to purchase and  listen to!

YouTube Channel

My YouTube Channel is where I post my music videos and covers.  With the help of my wonderful community on Patreon, I can release new music on a regular basic on my channel!