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"Enchanting and beautiful. Elvann has a wonderful voice that immediately transports me into a world of magic and wonder."


My name is Elvann and I’m a singer, harpist & songwriter.  Three years ago, I moved away from Montreal, my hometown, to come live and pursue music in the beautiful country of Finland.
My solo music is a blend of acoustic & metal music featuring operatic vocals & my electric harps.  This project is made possible with the support of my lovely community, which I am so thankful for.
As a professional, I’ve been working in metal for quite some time doing session vocals and collaborating with bands and fantastic artists from all over the world.   I’m also a very passionate singing & music teacher, and I’m grateful for having such wonderful students in my studio!

Latest Music

Siren's Call

My new single “Siren’s Call” will be coming out on December 6th 2022.  Pre-save it on Spotify!

Prison Glass

My new electro-acoustic harp improvisation album is now out to purchase and  listen to!

YouTube Channel

My YouTube Channel is where I post my music videos and covers.  With the help of my wonderful community on Patreon, I can release new music on a regular basic on my channel!