"Enchanting and beautiful. Elvann has a wonderful voice that immediately transports me into a world of magic and wonder."

Elvann is a Canadian metal music artist and songwriter. She writes and performs a mixture of genres from metal to acoustic that combines the sound of her electric harp and operatic voice. She records music both as a solo artist and as the lead singer in the Finnish band Far’n Beyond.
She’s currently working on her debut EP “Through the Mirror” with the goal of showcasing the possibilities offered by the unique addition of her electric harp in heavy metal.  She also teaches music and works as a session vocalist for metal bands around the world.

Latest Music Video

I release live music videos once or twice a month.  Most of the time, I’ll be covering music from my favorite bands and artists that inspire me, but I also like to spice it up a bit sometimes and come up with unexpected music selections!  I invite you to check out my YouTube channel and follow me there and join my newsletter to get emails when I post new videos!

Sleeping Sun by Nightwish | Electric Harp & Voice Cover | Elvann (Live Session)

Latest Podcast Episode

I started a new podcast show a couple of weeks ago to help us get to know each other better.  I feel this format gives me more liberty to have a conversation with my community and engage in a completely new way.   This podcast series is tightly linked to my email list (which I recommend you join HERE ) in that I really aim to include my community in the creation of this content.  Also, it’s 100% algorithm free content right to your inbox!