"Enchanting and beautiful. Elvann has a wonderful voice that immediately transports me into a world of magic and wonder."

Elvann is a Canadian metal music artist and songwriter. She writes and performs a mixture of genres from metal to acoustic that combines the sound of her electric harp and operatic voice. She records music both as a solo artist and as the lead singer in the Finnish band Far’n Beyond.
She’s currently working on her debut EP “Through the Mirror” with the goal of showcasing the possibilities offered by the unique addition of her electric harp in heavy metal.  She also teaches music and works as a session vocalist for metal bands around the world

While I am still working on this first EP, here’s some past work that I’ve done you might like to listen to!

What kind of music do you feel like listening?

electric harp & female vocals

Here’s a cover of “Sleeping Sun” I have recorded last year.  This song holds a really special place for me: I have been singing it since the very beginning of my singing journey, more than 10 years ago already.  I love this song just as much today as I did back then.   I put this cover together entirely on my own, with only the help of my mixing engineer & friend Francis who took care of the mixing & mastering.

Metal & female vocals

“Last Kiss Goodnight” is the first single I released with my band “Far’n Beyond”.  In get to sing the lead vocals for the band.  Since leaving my home country in Canada to live in Finland, this band has made me feel like I truly found the place where I belong!

Solo Electric Harp Music

If you’re looking for some calm relaxing music, I got you covered!

Back in 2018, I decided to put together a series of harp improvisations I had initially recorded for my YouTube channel.  I didn’t think much of them but still decided to put these tracks together, get them properly mixed, and publish them on streaming platforms.  I had not idea this album would soon get over 40k plays!