fantasy & metal music

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“My story starts as I walk on stage to sing for the first time: a terrifying yet delightful experience that would get me hooked to music for a lifetime.”

Haunted by the dramatic combination of metal & opera, I took my love for music into University where I studied classical singing. Along the way, I found myself falling in love for the harp, which I added to my curriculum as well.

What started as admiration for the musicians before me transformed into the desire to create something that hasn’t been done before..

The music I create combines female operatic vocals, electric harp & metal together.

Though my passion for metal didn’t play in my favor during my studies, it turned out to be my biggest strength as a professional. With my work as a musician, I want to bridge the gap that exists between modern genres like metal and the traditional music.  I believe this is the next step to take in the development of music recording and performing arts. In my music, this statement starts with including the harp in my metal arrangements where the the possibilities are endless. I want to explore new techniques and hopefully contribute to the harp repertoire in a way that hasn’t been done before.  I want to follow the traces of composers like Uno Alexander Vesje who’s work for harp and tape (played through speakers behind the performer) captivated me during my visit at the Harp Festival of Helsinki in early 2020. My first album as a solo artist will be touching the surface of what it can mean to use the harp in a metal ensemble, and as my project evolves, I want to explore the unique sounds that I can make with the electric harp. This idea, among others, will be my first step in demonstrating the importance including modern music genres and new technologies in the study of music performance. I hope that my work can contribute to music education so that it can evolve to be relevant to the needs of musicians of the modern world.

There is also a place for those of us who don’t quite fit into the mold of what is to be expected, and I’m claiming mine through doing the music I feel most passionate about.