Hey there! 😇  I’m Elvann!

I’m a harpist who loves fantasy, fairytales & TTRPGs!  I create harp & voice music on YouTube and Spotify.  I’ve also been following along Brittany’s journey for quite some time!

Spotify Playlists

Listen and add my harp playlists to your Spotify library!

Elven Harp for Dreaming

Take a cup of tea and unwind with this beautiful enchanting magical electric harp music.

Bard Fairytales

A collection of fantasy music inspired by bard songs, fantasy worlds, fairy tales, folk, celtic, classical, traditional, ambient, ethereal,

Relaxing Fantasy Harp

Fantasy, celtic and other instrumental relaxing music performed on the harp by fabulous harp artists from all over the world!

The Siren & the Harp

Fantasy music featuring enchanting ethereal female vocals and harp.

YouTube Channel

Check out my harp & voice content on YouTube where I post video game music & metal covers, as well as original music. 💖

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Want to hire me for session recording or having other business inquiries?  Email me at info@elvann.com