Creating the kind of music I want to make takes a lot of time & resources, and eventually, I would like to spend less time working on client projects, and more time writing & recording my own music.

Little by little, this is what my community of Patrons is allowing me to do.  With their help, I’ve been able to upgrade my studio, acquire the tools that I need (softwares and plugins), hiring freelancers and spend more time doing the things I’m the best at.

I might be the heart, but they are the breath; we need each other to keep this project alive, and without them I wouldn’t be able to create this music we want to see.

When you join my Patreon, you get immediate access to my V.I.P Discord channel, exclusive posts, unreleased music & way more.

Already a Patron?

Sometimes I find it difficult to organize content in “posts” formats on Patreon, and that’s why I created an extra “vault” on my website! From here, you can access some extra content and links easier!

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